The Lumenati CS1 is Designed to Make iPhones Look Like Camcorders

Those who miss their vintage film camera for the awesome, retro aesthetic that it has will find the Lumenati CS1 iPhone Case a blast from the past. Designed to instantly transform your smartphone into a vintage film camera without the film, the Lumenati CS1 iPhone Case lets avid photographers and videographers attain that satisfying feeling of recording videos with a camcorder.

Coming in two color options, the Lumenati CS1 iPhone Case allows you to capture content and share it instantly, rather than have to wait for developing to finish. Able to be outfitted with a variety of lens, the Lumenati CS1 iPhone Case can help to increase the production value of your favorite events like birthdays, Christmases and other holidays are best appreciated with a touch of technology nostalgia.