From Emergency Cash Phone Cases to Selfie-Lighting Phone Cases

 - Mar 21, 2016
Dual-action iPhone cases are smart tech accessories that offer the popular smartphone more than just protection from drops and scratches.

These iPhone protectors offer a variety of multifaceted functions such as lighting for the perfect selfie like the 'Pand' case and the 'Ty-Lite' case. Other dual-action iPhone cases include photography-friendly qualities such as the 'iZZi,' which offers interchangeable lenses and the 'Moment,' which offers users a multistate shutter button.

Dual-action iPhone cases also include a line of storage-friendly cases, which replace the means for a wallet. While the 'Fibonacci' is an all-in-one phone protector rendered with a flexible wallet function, the 'FistCase' features a secret compartment for safe and secure storage of all credit cards, ID and money.