The SOLOSHOT2 is a Robot Cameraman That Won't Miss a Single Moment

 - Sep 17, 2015
References: amazon & ohmythatsawesome
Remembering to take photos at a party -- especially when adult beverages are present -- can be a bit difficult, so the SOLOSHOT2 is here to save the day by constantly snapping photos of the action. With the SOLOSHOT2, you simply affix a tag to your person and place the device on a tripod; the device will do the rest by automatically snapping shots of you at random intervals while also zooming in and out to capture the best shot.

Able to be paired with multiple tags, the SOLOSHOT2 is great for large events like a birthday party or wedding where the focus is sure to be on one or two individuals. With a set it and forget it mentality, the SOLOSHOT2 is the ultimate paparazzi for your next event.