The Explorer Camera Can Be Thrown Into Dangerous Situations Ahead

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: pcmag & gizmag
The Explorer camera was designed by 'Bounce Imaging' to give police walking into dangerous situations a better idea of what lies ahead. Originally created for first responders, the camera's concept was so attractive to police deparments that 100 copies were distributed for use across the U.S.

The Explorer camera looks like a softball covered in a thick foam padding that allows it to withstand impact. It has one camera within and six outside-facing screens. Once thrown inside, it takes a few pictures each second and pieces them together into a 360-degree panoramic image that can be viewed on a smartphone. The innovation here is the incredibly short time it takes for the camera to create that image -- just a few seconds compared to a standard minute.

The Explorer camera provides its own Wi-Fi, as not every life-threatening situation will have wireless Internet. This camera changes the world of policing, adding a new technology that can keep both citizens and police safer.