Tend.ai's Robot 3D Printer is Fully Automated

 - Jul 14, 2016
References: tend.ai & 3dprint
While 3D printer technology is something to marvel at on its own, Tend.ai is a start-up that created a robot 3D printer to minimize the amount of interference needed from a human during the manufacturing process.

As a fully automated robotic 3D printing system, the robot is able to manage a basic factory line by overseeing multiple 3D printers at once. Once a print has been finished, the bot is able to collect the finished designs so that they can be boxed on a conveyor belt.

People are able to check in or control the robotic system via an iOS or Android app remotely, meaning that no close supervision of the machines is required. A system of this kind has huge implications for the kinds of mass customization that can be done with 3D printing technology at a heightened pace.