This Industrial Robot is Designed For Use In Gas-Filled Environments

 - Jul 13, 2016
References: mhi-global & gizmag
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the Chiba Institute of Technology have joined forces to develop a wonderfully innovative industrial robot that is designed to decrease the likelihood of gas explosions which can occur in certain environments.

Gas-filled environments are often quite volatile, and a single spark or influx of heat can set off a disastrous fire or explosion. This is where the Sakura No. 2 industrial robot comes in. This particular robot is designed to be remotely operated, and is capable of investigating industrial spaces and carrying out inspections and maintenance. Its pressure-proof and explosive-proof casing is designed to protect its batteries, motor and controller, with the casing pressurized to prevent inward leaking of gas.

This industrial robot's exceptionally well-designed structure gives it the capacity to prevent gas explosions that can be disastrous to businesses and lethal to human lives.