The Cozmo Was Designed To Feel Emotions Based on Its Environment

 - Jun 28, 2016
References: anki & fastcodesign
This endearing miniature robot has a spontaneous personality and features smart technology.

Designed by Anki, the 'Cozmo' robot acts as a small robotic pet for the home. The miniature robot was designed to interact with children and adults alike and can respond to real-world occurrences with its actions as well as its emotions. While most toys with similar featrues have random emotions, Cozmo can sense its environment and respond accordingly. The robot was designed to become a pet for the user -- one that has a distinct and feisty personality that the user can grow attached to. Cozmo was designed to be spontaneous and unpredictable to further this effect and make it seem as though the robot is free-thinking and alive as opposed to programmed.

The designers of this miniature robot cleverly programmed it to play off and manipulate human empathy, making it an innovative gadget that will likely be popular among tech buffs.