'Decodemoji' Turns Emoji Strings into Grammatical Sentences

 - Jul 14, 2016
References: decodemoji & producthunt
For those who've ever received emoji strings during a texting conversation and been completely perplexed, there's a new chat bot that can put some fun into deciphering them. 'Decodemoji' is a Facebook Messenger chat bot that takes as input any and all emojis and translates them into grammatically correct English sentences.

Unfortunately, Decodemoji is not a Rosetta Stone that can decode the ever-abundant sets of emoji strings released on different operating systems and keyboards. Though syntactically valid, Decodemoji's sentences tend to logically absurd: "The newspaper gets stuck in a snowstorm at 10:30am. Soon afterwards, the biker makes a hotdog," for example.

More toy than tool, though, the chat bot effectively illustrates the patent silliness of texters using tiny icons to try and convey meaning -- a silliness that nonetheless permeates online communication today.