This Amazon Patent Envisions Streetlights as Drone Landing Stations

 - Jul 22, 2016
References: suasnews & wonderfulengineering
For years now, Amazon has been exploring possibilities that could help it implement drones for e-commerce deliveries—to further this vision, the company wants to transform city infrastructure into drone landing stations.

A patent recently filed by Amazon introduces a concept that could potentially transform vertical standing structures like church steeples, street lights, power poles and cell phone towers into places for drones to temporarily land. Amazon's patent describes that these docking stations could be used to extend the lengths of journeys that these UAVs could fly, provide shelter during poor flying conditions and serve as a place for the devices to refuel.

While there are many regulations currently in place that prevent drones from being used for a number of commercial purposes, Amazon is positioning itself as a future leader in drone delivery solutions.