Chat with Monty Frugal Through Facebook Messenger to Track Expenses

 - Jul 11, 2016
References: medium & producthunt
Monty Frugal, a chatbot implemented through Facebook Messenger, helps users to keep tabs on their expenses without having to manage any numbers, receipts, or spreadsheets. The bot is like a personal accountant that users can chat with at any time, day or night.

Monty Frugal comes with neat features to make the process of chat-based expense tracking as intuitive as possible. For example, the chatbot understands emojis: if a user types in a pizza emoji and the number 40, Monty Frugal understands that that user means "I spent $40 on pizza." And for those who don't trust themselves to remember the prices of their purchases, Monty also reads receipts from major businesses like Walmart and Starbucks.

Upon request, Monty Frugal can also bring up a list of your budget and previous expenses, letting users see what they have submitted to the bot.