The 'Ozlo' Chatbot Provides Users with the Best Food Options

 - Jul 20, 2016
References: medium & venturebeat
'Ozlo' is an AI that can provide users with a comprehensive food-finding experience. Unlike, regular search platforms (i.e. Google, Yelp and ChowHound), Ozlo can have a conversation with users to help provide them with the best information.

Ozlo has several useful features. It can provide restaurant menus, ratings and locations. The bot can give weather updates. If a user can't remember the name of a restaurant, they just need to describe it and Ozlo can find it for them. Not only that, if they're craving something specific, the AI can find places in the vicinity that serve it.

John Brandon from VentureBeat summed up the benefit of chatbots perfectly when he wrote: "We don’t always know what we want, so a bot can feed information to us and start an ongoing dialogue." And that's what makes it an even better tool than Google.

Ozlo is still in its testing phase, but as it gets smarter over time, it can serve to be a great tool for the foodservice industry by connecting to consumers.