- Mar 31, 2017
Those who love doing things at the last-minute will enjoy all these effortless food-finding apps. These apps do much more than just list nearby restaurants. Some only show food that falls into a specific niche, like burritos, whereas others use emerging technology like chatbots to help conflicted diners make a choice. No matter the tech powering these apps they all have one thing in common, and that's making the world's hardest choice (where to eat) easier.

The great thing about these effortless food-finding apps is that they don't just help locate restaurants. There is an app for finding food trucks and another one for locating wild fruit. One even links up users with restaurants offering free promotional food and drinks. Tech and food truly are a potent combination, as these effortless food-finding apps prove.

From Restaurant Recommendation Bots to Crowdsourced Fruit-Finding: