- Aug 27, 2016
From bicycle-car hybrids to sleek self-driving buses, the August 2016 auto trends reveal that our idea of the modern vehicle continues to evolve. Not only are newer cars more eco-friendly, but they are also equipped with technology that makes driving safer and more efficient.

In terms of making modern vehicles more eco-friendly, one approach that manufacturers have been experimenting with is combining different modes of transportation. Indeed, there are now several bicycle-car hybrids that used pedal power to supplement the energy generated by the motor.

Beyond eco-friendly designs, many modern vehicles also feature high-tech upgrades. As the August 2016 auto trends reveal, these new features make cars smarter and more intuitive than ever before. Some examples of these high-tech features include self-driving capabilities, dashboard payment systems and smartphone-connected dash cams.

From Bicycle-Car Hybrids to Sleek Self-Driving Buses: