Lamborghini is Changing the Rules of Auto Manufacturing with Carbon Fiber

 - Jul 18, 2016
References: digitaltrends
Lamborghini has created a new process called 'Forged Composite' to more efficiently craft carbon fiber cars. This new process will make Lamborghini the first auto manufacturer to craft the frame of the car from carbon fiber. The new process will allow Lamborghini to create carbon fiber at a much faster rate.

Unlike conventional ways to craft carbon fiber, which entail precisely cutting the material and laying it into a mold, the new process only requires cutting the right mass of the carbon fiber and placing it into a hot press mold. The Forged Composite process creates a carbon part that is equally light and stiff as conventional methods, if not more so. The most innovative aspect is that now carbon fiber can be treated like aluminum, steel and unreinforced plastic are when making cars.