From Eco-Friendly Limousines to Durable Car Chargers

 - Aug 27, 2016
While most consumers are familiar with the look of everything from bicycles to velomobiles and drag racers, the most popular August 2016 eco transportation ideas introduce entirely new and ultra-sustainable new forms for these vehicles.

In the past few years, the average commuter has been introduced to hybrid and electric vehicles. Now, these vehicles are now being introduced on larger scales and commercial levels. For instance, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its 'Urban eTruck' as the world's first electric freighter, while HDT Singapore Taxi's entire fleet runs on electricity and the BMW Limousine was designed to offer fuel-efficient modes.

With an increase in ridesharing and a decrease in car ownership, consumer vehicles are getting smaller. This can be seen in ideas like the single-liter 3D-printed car that competed in Shell's Eco-Marathon and the autonomous vehicle pod prototypes from Careem and Next Future Transportation.