The 'Slim Jim' Race Car is Powered By Solid Fuel Rockets

 - Jul 9, 2016
References: & gizmag
A group of precociously gifted schoolkids based in the UK have managed to develop an exceptional, miniature rocket-powered race car that makes use of solid fuel rockets, foam components and micro:bit computers to be able to attain speeds of well over 77 km/h.

The winner of the first edition of the BBC micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition, the Slim Jim race car is shaped like a bullet in order to enhance its aerodynamic functioning when ripping through the track. It is also fitted with specially designed racing wheels that feature an intentionally low number of spokes, which keeps down the weight of the vehicle.

This race car is a fantastic example of how modern micro-computing technology can be used in conjunction with rocket technologies to improve race car performance.