From Purifying Urban Vehicles to Rocket-Powered Racing Cars

 - Aug 26, 2016
These August 2016 auto concepts range from purifying urban vehicles to rocket-powered racing cars that are designed to run on solid fuel rockets. When examining the month's commuter concepts, self-driving buses and personal travel pods take center stage. Careem and Next Future Transportation's modular electric pod concept is a notable example that aims to cut commuters' travel times while saving the environment and simultaneously meeting budgetary restraints.

When examining the August 2016 auto concepts that pertain to the luxury car market, commemorative and hybrid vehicles are prevalent. Standouts include the nostalgia-themed Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition concept that revives a retro model for a new generation as well as the revamped and rally-inspired Audi Group S vehicle -- a car that combines speed and style with a compact design that is ideal for urban drivers.