From Eco-Friendly Garbage Trucks to Cost-Effective Electric Cars

 - Jul 30, 2016
The July 2016 auto trends reveal that the electric vehicle is no longer limited to the family car. Indeed, auto manufacturers are increasingly turning towards service vehicles to test out different types of eco-friendly technology.

While many of us give little thought to the buses and garbage trucks that roam our streets, these vehicles contribute to climate change the same way that other vehicles do. To combat this, auto manufacturers have come up with a myriad of ways to make services vehicles more eco-friendly. Some of the vehicles that are currently using this technology include garbage trucks, commuter buses and even police cars.

Of course, the July 2016 auto trends also reveal the need for more affordable electric vehicles for consumers. One example of such vehicles is the single-occupant SOLO car, which is less expensive than other electric vehicles. Another option is the E-Mehari, which is an eco-friendly vehicle built for island living.