'Sheep View 360' Maps the Faroe Islands Using Sheep-Mounted Cameras

 - Jul 22, 2016
References: visitfaroeislands & theguardian
Tired of Google Maps' 'Street View' feature forgoing 360-degree imaging for their roads, villagers from the Faroe Islands, a tiny, rural archipelago between Scotland and Norway, used their most abundant natural resource for 'Sheep View 360.' Using sheep borrowed from a local shepherd and a custom-made harness, Durita Dahl Andreassen, an islander from the local tourism board, set sheep free around the island to get their own version of Street View.

The sheep's harnesses are topped with 360-degree cameras as well as solar panels to keep the batteries charged, which means the woolen animals can wander the beautiful islands without having to worry about finding a USB port. The cameras are also synced to the Internet, allowing the Sheep View 360 creators to watch the images live.

Sheep View 360 isn't serious about mapping the entire Faroe Islands, however the campaign is serious about getting Google technology to come and map their roads, making transportation easier for locals and tourists alike.