The Town of Jun Primarily Informs Through a Government Twitter Account

 - Jun 13, 2016
References: nytimes & coolhunting
Jun, a small town in Spain with a population of about 3,500, relies heavily on a government Twitter account that informs and exchanges with citizens on everything from important news updates to roads in need of cleaning to reporting suspicious activity to the police.

The government Twitter account is integrated into the community on such a level that it is boldly included on the outside of its city hall. The purpose of conversing with citizens through a public Twitter account is to provide residents with a sense of trust by offering complete transparency as to how the town is run. More than half of Jun's population is active on the social media platform, where they are welcomed to notify major José Antonio Rodríguez Salas of issues or ask him direct questions. Although implementing a government Twitter account to govern a population is likely only plausible for towns as small as Jun, its success shows how having a quick and convenient way to converse with citizens can increase community morale.