'Data Selfie' Shows the What Companies Can Learn Based on Data

 - Feb 8, 2017
References: dataselfie.it & fastcodesign
Today, most savvy internet users are aware of the fact that companies are analyzing their online behavior to get a better understanding of how to market to them, but 'Data Selfie' is a Google Chrome extension designed show people the true extent of that monitoring. The extension tracks users' actions online in the same way that other internet companies (such as Facebook, Twitter, and virtually ever other online site) do, but then it lets users look at the results that it gleans.

Data Selfie is powered by personality insights from the IBM Watson supercomputer and analytics from the machine learning algorithm 'Apply Magic Sauce.' Once installed on one's browser, it will log information and process it. Over time, this info should contribute to an accurate picture of one's online behavior.