- Feb 26, 2017
The internet and other connected technologies have had an outsize impact on February 2017 business concepts. While it's no surprise that the efficiency and novel systems offered by technology have a large impact on society as a whole, many businesses in particular are finding interesting ways to make use of those innovations.

Virtual reality, one of the hottest areas of technology today, has started to show up in business strategies across many different industries. In retail, the massive online company Alibaba has recently unveiled a complete virtual reality shopping mall called Buy+, in which consumers can roam and make purchases that get delivered to their real life doors. In a different form of VR retail, Vive, the VR headset producer, has opened up a virtual reality cafe — like the internet cafes of the 90s, but for VR headsets.

From Dock-Free Bike Sharing to Cow-Sharing Beef Orders: