This Toronto Innovation Conference Helps Attendees Spot New Opportunities

Once again, Trend Hunter is bringing its immersive, three-day event to Canada's biggest city for its annual Toronto innovation conference. Set to take place at the iconic TIFF Bell Lightbox Theatre, the event will bring together more than 500 innovators from top brands such as Hasbro, Samsung and Universal, to collectively shape the future of business innovation. As the complete Future Festival experience, the Toronto innovation event will give attendees a multitude of opportunities to develop actionable insights for tackling the years ahead.

Like the one-day, accelerated events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, London and Orlando, Future Festival Toronto will also include an opportunity to dive into Trend Hunter's hyper-personalized innovation assessment. Using the framework developed by innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche, the assessment provides each attendee with an outline of their unique innovation archetype, as well as five to 10 pages of personalized recommendations for achieving success. Brands can then use this information to collectively pinpoint their team's strengths, opportunities and gaps in a way that will help them develop an actionable innovation strategy. In short, the assessment serves as a valuable tool for helping some of the world's top companies turn insights into action.

To take part in the complete Future Festival experience, head over to the Future Festival website and secure tickets to Trend Hunter's incredible Toronto innovation conference.