'Provenance Butcher' is Bringing Artisan Meats to Lons

Pavilion Road in London's chic Chelsea neighborhood recently became home to five new artisan shops -- one of which is the famed Provenance Butcher. Nestled among London Cheesemongers, Bread Ahead bakery and greengrocer Natoora, the top-notch butcher shop caters to a new wave of customers, who value quality over bargain basement prices.

Provenance Butcher describes itself as "a modern interpretation of a traditional family butcher." Unlike national grocery chains, the shop specializes in selling the best seasonal produce from award-winning family farms. This includes free-range pork, grass-fed beef and homemade preserves, among other high-end offerings. As a result, the shop largely caters to consumers who go out of their way to find quality meat products, instead of picking up whatever they might find at their local supermarket.

In short, Provenance Butcher represents the resurgence of the family butcher shop as a contemporary foodie haven.