The Office Features a Plethora of Unique Spaces

 - Jan 23, 2017
References: & officesnapshots
The office does not lack originality in any way – the office resides in an English castle, but that is where its traditional influences end.

The office was designed by the firm Interaction, with the goal of creating a space where the employees "can flourish, fulfill their potential and feel happy." This goal was clearly accomplished, with everything from meeting rooms to the bathrooms offering eccentric and playful designs and themes. Features of this office include a Star Wars-themed cinema, bathrooms inspired by the Rolling Stones and Steampunk, open-concept work areas that are decorated with fantasy-related images, vegetation covered walls, a comfortable cave-like meeting and collaboration room, and a comic-themed lounge area.

The office is bursting with dynamic decor, features and functions, making the space one that employees can look forward to working in.