Crowd Cow Lets Consumers Purchase Shares of a Cow

 - Jan 26, 2017
References: crowdcow & digitaltrends
Crowd Cow is a business harnessing the power of the Internet and the popularity of crowdsourcing to create a more sustainable business model for the cattle industry. Large-scale cattle farming has the potential to create a lot of waste, both through farming practices and through wasted meat that doesn't get sold on the market. Crowd Cow solves these problems by allowing consumers to purchase their meat as a portion of a cow, reducing waste and supporting a local farm.

Cows contain a certain amount of any cut of beef. Crowd Cow enumerates these amounts, allowing consumers to claim the cut that they want on its website. Just like a Kickstarter campaign that only gets funded if it reaches its goal, Crowd Cow will only send out the meat orders once all the meat has been claimed (and consumers only get charged once 100 percent of the cow is "tipped.")