This Eco Packaging is Made from Palm Leaves

 - Jan 6, 2017
References: hsushaohua & packagingoftheworld
This apparel packaging was designed as part of a student project by Shao-Hua Hsu in Berlin, Germany, in collaboration with the Berlin-based company Leef.

The packaging was designed to be compact and not harmful to the environment, providing a refreshing alternative to the harmful plastic bags that most stores offer. It is made from palm leaves from the Areca palm plant which is most commonly found in Asia. The shape of the eco packaging is cylindrical and unsealed, allowing for t-shirts to easily be slipped through and then tied in place. The tube-shaped apparel packaging works to provide a compact and eco-friendly method of carrying clothing.

This eco packaging's compostable design makes it an excellent alternative for stores to carry rather than offering plastic bags.