The Le Pur Pop-Up Shop Boasts a Clean and Fresh Design

Last month, the yogurt company 'Le Pur' opened up a chic pop-up shop inside the lobby of its Beijing office. Not only does the pop-up cafe create a relaxing space for patrons to enjoy a healthy snack, but it also helps to underscore the company's values in a visual way.

The Le Pur pop-up was designed by the Beijing-based architecture group Ramoprimo as a way of showcasing the brand's famous yogurt products. In order to convey the company's commitment to health and freshness, the designers decided on a clean and bright space covered in striped screens made of pine wood painted stark white. The main color in the space comes from the counter, which is stocked with brightly colored products.

The pop-up yogurt shop demonstrates that Chinese retailers are eager to adopt the sames sleek, minimalist designs that have become popular in North American and Europe.