Beijing's Artemis Boutique Combines Food, Apparel and Events

 - Jan 19, 2017
References: timeoutbeijing & jingdaily
The Artemis boutique in Beijing's Taikoo Li shopping center is catering to a new wave of Chinese consumers by offering a wide range of lifestyle products. Instead of simply selling apparel, the store stocks stationary, travel accessories, home decor and other artfully curated lifestyle products.

The Artemis boutique was opened by Austin Huang in an effort to combine traditional retail with modern lifestyle products. As a result, the shop sells everything from designer candles to high-end dog dishes, all within a Scandinavian-inspired space. Huange also collaborates with the Beijing-based restaurant Transit, to offer consumers Nordic food with an Asian twist. To top it off, Huang also uses his shop as an events space for different brand activations.

The modern lifestyle store demonstrates the changing face of Chinese retail as young consumers look for a more entertaining and engaging shopping experience.