The Phoneys App Lets iOS Users Put Text in Their Friends' Writing

 - Sep 29, 2016
References: mocksy & techcrunch
The new Apple operating system, iOS 10, lets users place stickers over top of iMessage conversations, and the Phoneys app is taking advantage of that feature in a hilarious way. The prank app makes it look as though the other side of a conversation said something that was actually input by the original sender.

Because the messages in the Phoneys app are all stickers, they are pre-written (rather than originally written by the user.) Nonetheless, many of the messages are just vague enough to fit into a variety of scenarios. For instance, one of the Phoneys app stickers read "You're 100% right," a statement that many text arguers wish would get written more often.

However, other messages in the Phoneys app, like "Who cares if it's a school night? Stay out as late as you want!" are tailored to more specific scenarios.