'BOTTR' Helps Anyone Build a Custom Bot for Automating Conversations

 - Oct 22, 2016
References: bottr.me
AI-powered chat bots have become useful for everything from food-ordering to powering brand campaigns, but BOTTR gives the average consumer the chance to build their own custom bot.

While most bots currently in existence are created by brands, BOTTR suggests that the average person can use bots to engage their blog readers, create dynamic resumes or even automate the process of answering questions about a personal business. Beginning the bot-creation process happens via Facebook.

On BOTTR, users are able to preview a variety of bots that have already been created, such as ones modeled after public figures like Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian and Steve Jobs, as well as lifestyle-focused bots that challenge users with trivia, reveal horoscopes or even tell funny jokes.