- Aug 26, 2017
August 2017 alcohol trends reveal unique tech infusions and innovations, as well as an emphasis on quality, non-alcoholic beverages.

Those who purchase Barbadillo's white wine bottles are able to scan the NFC technology available on the bottles' corks in order to learn how they can win a cash prize, making the wine bottles interactive, and enhancing consumer engagement with the brand.

Brands known for offering alcohol are now increasingly trying to accommodate those who don't drink, or those who prefer not to drink in excess but enjoy the flavors of various alcoholic beverages. This is evidenced by Heineken's first non-alcoholic beer, which is accompanied by a series of funny commercials, as well as Herbie's first non-alcoholic gin, which is distilled with juniper, apples, lavender and orange peel, and functions as an excellent virgin cocktail mixer.

From Connected Wine Bottles to Non-Alcoholic Beer Ads: