Black Project's Collection of Spontaneous Fermentation Beers are Ultra-Exclusive

 - Jul 26, 2017
References: blackprojectbeer & 303magazine
'Black Project Beers' is an experimental brewing collective that recently unveiled its 'Roswell' line -- a collection of wild yeast beers.

Lambic-style (or wild yeast beer) refers to a Belgian style of brewing whereby spontaneous fermentation takes place. Black project works to create beers that push the limits of the fermentation process. The beer is then super fruited to give it a distinct, Colorado-exclusive flavor. After nearly a year of work, six flavors or beer are ready for sale -- apricot, raspberry, blackberry, cranberry and guava.

Due to the intense craftsmanship that went into producing these beers and their exclusive quantities, only three bottles may be purchased per person. This means that no one is able to try a bottle of each beer. Black Project has done this intentionally to encourage beer sharing parties where people gather to try each flavor of its wild yeast beer.