From Sci-Fi Series Card Games to Immersive Streaming Equipment

 - Dec 25, 2017
Whether their platform of choice is Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Go, these gifts for TV lovers are sure to surprise and delight.

When it comes to the Netflix loyalist who came burn through a new series in just a few days, products based on the most popular TV shows are a safe bet. If you have a feeling they're a fan of Stranger Things, consider giving them Hasbro's new Eggo Waffle Card Game, an Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle Holder, or an oversized Topshop t-shirt embellished with Barb's face.

For those whose are more concerned with the quality of what they are watching than the show itself, why not opt for a tech accessory that will take their viewing experience to the next level. Some great tech-centric gifts for TV lovers include the OIO Amp tablet speakers, the Optoma UHZ65 4K projector, and the Cinego 4K VR headset.