The 'Seat Belts, Everyone!' Bath Bomb Draws from the Magic School Bus

Loquita, a bath and beauty product brand, recently expanded on its selection of 90s-inspired offerings with a bath bomb called 'Seat Belts, Everyone!,' which commemorates 'The Magic School Bus,' a popular kid's show that made its debut in 1994.

To make this theme clear, the brand features a playful rendition of the flying bus that Ms. Frizzle and her class would hop aboard when headed out on an educational field trip. In the background, a multicolored sky that's specked with bright yellow stars is featured as well.

The Seat Belts, Everyone! Magic School Bus bath bomb is reportedly part of a series that honors various elements of 90s pop culture, with other products referencing 'Sailor Moon,' 'Goosebumps,' 'The Simpsons,' and even 'Fight Club.'