The 'Cinego' 4K Cinema Headset Creates a Private Multimedia Experience

 - Nov 26, 2017
References: indiegogo & gadgetsin
Multimedia is shifting strongly towards VR and AR technologies, so the 'Cinego' 4K Cinema Headset has been engineered to offer an enhanced experience wherever you are. Compact and lightweight in design, the headset incorporates two AMOLED micro displays within that will create a series of crisp, precise images in a confined area that can only be seen by the wearer. This creates a private cinema experience that can be utilized anywhere including the home, when traveling and much more.

The 'Cinego' 4K Cinema Headset also runs Android OS that will allow users to access content streaming services like Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, Netflix and much more. Built in Bluetooth allows access to your smartphone or table, while 32GB of internal storage offers flexible multimedia options.