The Coco Natura Ginger Coconut Sugar is a Refined Sugar Alternative

 - Aug 4, 2017
References: ecoideas & well
Ecoideas' Coco Natura Organic Ginger Coconut Sugar is an unrefined, natural and additive-free sweetener made from crystallized coconut sugar nectar and ginger, both of which are organic and fair trade certified.

In terms of taste, Ecoideas notes that the natural coconut sugar is "as sweet as brown sugar, with a delicate natural caramel flavour that pairs beautifully with organic ginger." As such, it serves as a great addition to everything from cold beverages to coffee, tea, baked goods and sauces.

While there are a number of coconut-based sweeteners on the market that appeal to health-conscious consumers with a taste for unrefined sugar alternatives, the Organic Ginger Coconut Sugar sets itself apart by offering a unique flavor pairing with ginger—which boasts a hot and pungent, spicy-yet-sweet taste all on its own.