The Beginnings' Banana Rolls are a Decadent Fruit, Nut and Chocolate Snack

'Banana Rolls' are a raw, vegan and all-natural snack from The Beginnings that offers a taste of nuts, fruit and chocolate.

The snack boasts an ingredient list of 50% bananas, as well as cocoa butter, cashew nuts, cocoa powder, coconut oil and maple syrup as a natural sweetener. The snacks are prepared with what The Beginnings calls "a slow drying technique," which helps to preserve the maximum amount of nutrition without the use of preservatives.

These indulgent natural treats are free from gluten, GMO ingredients, trans fats, lactose, palm oil as well as added salts. To top it off, the Banana Rolls are entirely free from artificial colors and flavorings, making for a decadent, yet healthful treat.