Tesco's Sandwich Fillers are Pre-Assembled and Ready to Spread

 - Aug 8, 2017
References: tesco
Tesco makes a variety of pre-made "sandwich fillers," which can be added to slices of bread to form the base of a hearty lunch, snack or dinner. Some of the varieties include the Seafood Cocktail, which is made up of a combination of mayonnaise with surimi, prawns, yogurt and tomato, as well as Tuna with Sweetcorn in a mayonnaise sauce.

Since Tesco notes that the sandwich fillers should be consumed within two days of opening, they are ideal for preparing quick meals at work or at home when a sandwich is desired.

Although there are many pre-made sandwich kits that include wraps or pieces of bread, these ones do away with the bread portion of a sandwich, which has the potential to go stale quite quickly.