These Nut Butter Spreads Boast Thai, Indian and African Flavors

With the rise of foodie culture, a number of flavored nut butter spreads were introduced to the market with swirls of chocolate, honey and cinnamon mixed into them. As an alternative to sweet flavors, Eliot’s Adult Nut Butters takes cues from globally inspired dishes to produce unusual spreads like 'Garam Masala Peanut Butter,' 'Harissa Cashew Butter' and 'Sriracha Sunflower Butter.' As such, these nut butter spreads are branded as the "bolder nut butter."

These boldly flavored nut butter products simply take inspiration from popular spice mixes around the world, making it easy to totally transform the experience of eating breakfast toast and lunch sandwiches. Since many nut butters can also be used in cooking, these would make flavorful additions to a variety of dishes.

Other products from Eliot’s Adult Nut Butters include ingredients like espresso nibs, honey and chipotle.