From Multi-Lingual Tea Branding to Paleo Protein Snacks

 - Feb 25, 2017
If there are three traits that can be used to describe the top February 2017 branding ideas, they are: bold, authentic and globally inspired.

A few of the best globally inspired branding ideas include cans and bottles from Cardinal's food collection that take cues from Asian cuisine and packaging for Minoan Spora that borrows references from an ancient Greek civilization. Another standout example is a multi-lingual beer bottle from Bionic Brew, which features text in both English and Chinese characters.

While many brands aim to communicate that their products are perfect and attractive, Dieffenbach Uglies Kettle Cooked Chips doesn't attempt to mislead consumers. As its potato chips are made with "ugly" potatoes to reduce food waste, its snack bags boldly embrace honest branding that includes thumbs down graphics and words like "rejected potatoes" and "minor imperfections."