The New Vermont Smoke & Cure Meat Sausages are Free of Nitrites

 - Jan 6, 2017
References: preparedfoods
The new Vermont Smoke & Cure meat sausages come in a variety of flavor options that are intended to be a distinctly delicious deviation from the traditional varieties when it comes to sausages. The new options from Vermont Smoke & Cure includes the Hard Cider Bratwurst, Blue Cheese Bratwurst, Bacon Bratwurst, Sweet Italian and Chorizo. Many of the varieties are made using locally crafted ingredients that are made with quality, craftsmanship and community in mind.

The various Vermont Smoke & Cure meat sausages are made using meats from animals that are fed a vegetarian diet, raised without hormones as well as without antibiotics. The sausages are also free of sodium nitrites and are available for purchase at Whole Foods as well as independent grocers in the Northeast states.