- Dec 6, 2016
When it comes to school lunch products, convenience is a key factor. Not only does this make putting the meals together a less daunting task, but these packaged goods can be consumed hours into the school day or reused for another lunch if not eaten.

While fruity sweets, simple granola bars and other sugary snacks might be the first thing one thinks of when considering packaged goods, there's plenty of healthy options as well. For example, Gorilly Goods' 'Hillside' snack is a nutrient-dense snack that consists of seeds and greens -- which are enhanced with organic nutritional yeast and a selection of flavorful spices.

For those looking to keep their children hydrated throughout the day, Capri-Sun's 'Fruity Water' drink pouches are a great option. In order to encourage children to drink more of it, the Fruity Waters have as much flavor as a juice box -- however with no sugar or artificial flavors added.

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