The New Chips Ahoy Thins Make it Easier to Control Indulgence

 - Jan 20, 2017
References: brandeating
Those with a sweet tooth likely find it difficult to ditch dessert cookies when they're trying to cut calories, so the new Chips Ahoy Thins are intended to offer consumers a way to indulge just a little.

Coming in two new flavor options including Oatmeal and Double Chocolate, the Chips Ahoy Thins are a thin and crispy alternative to the brand's full-size cookies. This means that enjoying a serving won't render a diet plan ruined and that they can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle as a way to have a small indulgence.

Many consumers are looking for ways to maintain their existing habits and preferences, while cutting back on caloric intake. Brands are responding with products like the Chips Ahoy Thins dessert cookies that offer a way to indulge with control.