From Donut-Topped Milkshakes to Creamy Dessert Sliders

 - Jun 3, 2017
The first Friday of June is National Donut Day and these celebratory donut products are all fantastic ways to enjoy the pseudo-holiday.

Donuts have been an important part of Western culinary culture in recent years. They can be customized in countless ways, so there is a donut out there for everyone. These products display the many ways in which different companies are customizing the donut experience for their consumers. For example, a shop in Australia allows customers to order bouquets of Nutella-filled donuts and have them delivered to loved ones. A cafe in Toronto, Canada, makes a decadent milkshake topped with mini donuts.

These products highlight the way in which brands are using the donut as a vehicle for self-expression and promotion. They have harnessed the power of the donut to make their brand stronger, more identifiable and at the same time relatable.