'Sugar 2.0' is Reduced Sugar that Has 50% Less Sugar Per Serving

 - Jan 5, 2017
References: sugar2pt0 & trndmonitor
Formulated specifically with Native Hawaiians in mind, 'Sugar 2.0' is a new kind of reduced sugar that has 50% less sugar than regular sugar as a way to provide an alternative option for Pacific Islanders.

'Sugar 2.0' is created using a mixture of 50% cane sugar and 50% fiber, which creates a product that is much healthier to put into recipes and foods than regular sugar.

'Sugar 2.0' contains no artificial ingredients and is free of artificial sweeteners in order to keep the recipe as close to natural as possible. The infusion of soluble fiber into the reduced sugar ingredients helps to slow the absorption rate in the body and works as a carb blocker to make it an inherently healthier alternative for the health-conscious to use.