These Chia Pods Come in a Variety of Dynamic Flavors

 - Jan 16, 2017
References: thechiaco
The Chia Company offers a collection called Chia Pods that provides consumers with pudding snacks that are ideal for the health-conscious.

The pods come in small plastic packaging that contains healthy chia pudding. The pudding is made with either coconut milk or almond milk, making it consumable for individuals who are lactose intolerant. It features plant-based ingredients and is flavored with various fruits. The many flavors in the collection include apple and cinnamon, mango and banana, coconut, plain mango, vanilla bean and cinnamon, plain banana, and dark cacao. The products are all free of dairy, gluten and are vegan.

These desserts are ideal for individuals who are health-conscious, or for those who have significant dietary restrictions.