From Pretzel Dipping Snack Packs to Vegan Custard Cups

 - Feb 25, 2017
Whether it is compartmentalized snack packs or single-serve custard cups, the February 2017 food branding trends demonstrate the increasing importance of portable packaging. Not only does the format of the product matter, but the images and typography used to convey an on-the-go lifestyle is equally important.

On the one hand, many on-the-go packages have adopted fun and colorful designs that emphasize the idea of a vibrant and active lifestyle. For instance, the DipMates pretzel snacks come in handy compartmentalized containers featuring colorful graphics and wholesome cartoon characters. Similarly, the Chia Pod pudding snacks come in brightly colored, single-serve containers that are hard to miss on store shelves.

However, the February 2017 food branding trends also reveal that some brands have opted for similar on-the-go formats, but more subtle packaging designs. These minimalist designs, such as that used for MOO milk yogurts, are intended to cater to health-conscious consumers looking for products that suggest a holistic and more natural lifestyle.