This Meat Branding Tells Consumers of Its Focus on Animal Rights

 - Dec 28, 2016
References: buddycreative & thedieline
The organic meats offered by the brand 'Roam and Relish' aim to ensure that consumers have a certain peace of mind when purchasing the products.

Large-scale factory farms are known for their often cruel treatment of animals, with many keeping them in inhumane conditions, having little regard for how the animals are killed and negatively impacting the environment. Roam and Relish aims to avert attention away from this issue by offering organic meats that it claims are made from animals that have been treated with dignity in the production process. The branding for these products was created by the agency 'Buddy Creative' and features informative excerpts and images of animals that evoke a sense of ease among consumers who are concerned with the environment and animal well-being.

This company is able to offer consumers with a more ethical alternative to the factory farmed animal products that most grocery stores offer.