From Smart Meat Thermometers to Dog-Friendly Burgers

 - May 23, 2017
These novelty barbecue accessories make the perfect addition to any Memorial Day pool parties, barbecues, camping trips, or get-togethers you might have planned for the long weekend.

The fast approaching holiday is the perfect opportunity for family and friends to gather around a barbecue, and to share some much needed quality time together. Never miss a moment with smart meat thermometers which alert your phone when meat is at an ideal temperature, saving the host time while ensuring that one's meal is perfectly prepped.

Host your barbecue virtually anywhere with The Kamoto 'OpenFire' pit, a foldable fire pit that enables chefs to safely cook whereever they please. Additionally, innovations like grillable, and dog-friendly burger patties ensure that the whole family can enjoy a barbecue meal.

Novelty barbecue accessories are the perfect way to ensure that your time spent with friends and family is a unique, stress-free, and fun experience.